Scrabble Cufflinks


Actually, these are from a game called UPWORDS by Hasbro. They make great cufflinks. They are made with silver-toned cuff link blanks, with a 5/8″ wood dowel for height, then a piece of Upwords in the letters of your choice! They are made of sturdy off-white plastic with brownish letters, approximately 7/8″ square. I have trimmed them out in black. I think it makes for a nice border. Great gift for your groomsmen but women are wearing cuff links also! Please allow two weeks in case I'm running low on letters! Nice box included. Suitable for gift giving!

I can arrange any series of letters with a two week notice.


Upwords is a board game invented by Elliot Rudell and originally published by the Milton Bradley Company, now a division of Hasbro. The game remains under license to Hasbro by Rudell Design, LLC. Upwords is similar to Scrabble, or Words With Friends, in that players build … Scrabble to encourage and even force the stacking up of letters upon letters.


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