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Mary inside Mary's Jewelry Box in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina

I love playing with jewelry, buttons, etc. My Mom said that when I was three years old, she could let me play with a pile of buttons and I never put them in my mouth! I’m so lucky that over 50 years later, I can make a living selling funky jewelry, buttons and baubles. I often re-vamp broken pins and ears to make funky, eclectic necklaces. I have so many creative ideas. I’m so excited about launching a website that shares my love for Greensboro’s revitalized downtown. I feel like I’m at the best party in town! I want to share on the internet this community feeling that my downtown has created.

I’m Mary Garvey and I’ve owned Mary’s Jewelry Box for about 5 years. I’m originally from Winston-Salem but I’ve lived in Greensboro since college. I owned a ladies consignment shop, Clothesline, for 23 years. Sold it in 2010 then later opened MJB. I will always have thrift shopping in my blood but dealing with jewelry is easier and takes up so little space! I’m not an expert by any means. What I’m good at is buying in bulk from professional pickers who are buying at auctions for the gold. I’m not interested in gold! I enjoy buying their “junk jules” and reselling for a really great price. I have a great clientèle from my old Clothesline days so I’m very lucky to have this avenue. I get new jules in every day…yes, I have an acquisition problem!!! hence my new website. Since I purchase faster than I have customers and since I am in desperate need of a creative outlet, this website was born.

I have a silly sense of humor. I aim to have a website that not only offers cool merchandise for a great price but I’d like it to be good for entertainment if only for a chuckle at my expense.

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